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We’re so happy you dropped by! We’re the Speeds, a small family of three (and two fur babies!) doing our best to navigate the world in a loving and joyful way. We hope to inspire you to live with more happiness, connection and adventure!

Meet Sandra

I’m Sandra, soccer mom to the cutest curly-haired kid in the world. His name is Maxim Speed, and he is a mini-version of his dad, Jermaine Speed.

Sandra & Speed in uniform

I’ve been a member of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) for 20+ years and am currently serving in the Hawai’i Air National Guard (HIANG) as a Recruiter. It’s the BEST job EVER!

You can find me reading romance novels or James Rollins, drinking a Grande iced anything-from-Starbucks, eating delicious vegan food, zoning out to Ancient Aliens YouTube videos, drooling over Architectural Digest celebrity homes, and getting massages every chance I can get.

One day, I’d love to own a little bookstore in my hometown in Florida just so I can read and drink coffee all day near the beach.

Meet Maxim

Max is a soccer powerhouse. This kid has played all over the U.S. mainland as well as England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Japan and Canada. We plan on moving to Germany in Spring/Summer 2020 so he can get world-class soccer training, and we can’t freaking wait! I mean…it’s Europe!

Maxim Speed riding bike

Max has his own Instagram following of 32k+ and a Youtube channel, so you can catch him doing his soccer thing on those sites. We manage those pages so please contact us with any questions.

One cause close to our hearts is raising money for Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Max was diagnosed when he was 7 years old.

He’s been a great role model in the local community here, working with the American Diabetes Association – Hawaii (ADA-Hawaii) organization. We’re extremely blessed to have such a strong, resilient kid who’s thrived in spite of it, and we’re SO, SO proud of him!

Meet Jermaine

Speed is my husband’s last name, but it’s also his nickname so everyone calls him that – including me.  He’s also in the HIANG, which makes us a dual military family. In 2020, we’ll both retire from the USAF after 20+ years of service and start new lives. Crazy how the years have flown by!

Sandra & Speed at Party

We’ve been together since 1998, which means he’s never getting rid of me now. This man is incredible. He does dishes AND the laundry, walks the dogs, is the most amazing father and my very best friend.

I love that makes me laugh harder than anyone EVER in the history of the world. I’ve nicknamed him the #besthusbandever because it’s TRUE!

Speed loves motorcycle racing, NOT cooking, watching “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” with me, tropical mimosas, driving his Audi around town, taking video of Max’s soccer games and doting on his friends.

He also raises a lot of money for the ADA-Hawaii, and is Max’s greatest advocate. He really IS an amazing dad.

Meet Leo + Lexi

Of course, we can’t forget our two adorable pomeranians, Leo + Lexi. When they get yappy, we call them Leo Madrid + Barkalona. Can you tell we’re a soccer family!?

Leo + Lexi

Leo is the white one and is SUCH a good boy. He loves napping on my white slipcovered rocking chairs because he knows a good thing when he sees it. Leo also likes to run away when I try to pet him.

Lexi is MY girl. She’s a blue merle pom, which pretty much makes her the CUTEST animal EVER. She thinks we’re around just to pet her and will not-so-gently nudge our hands with her nose when we’re not doing it right/enough. I love her.

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