Kaneohe Bay Sandbar is a MUST in O’ahu

Remember when I said Casa Speed loves yachts?! Well, although a pontoon is no yacht, I'll take it when it means we get to spend the day on the Kaneohe Bay sandbar - a must-do for Hawaii locals and visitors alike!

What’s the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar?

The sandbar is this awesome piece of raised ocean floor that lets mortals walk around in gloriously shallow water in the middle of the Kaneohe Bay. I always feel like I have superpowers when I’m there. Not quite Jesus walking on water… but close!

How did we get so lucky to hang out at the Kaneohe Bay sandbar today!? Our beautiful friend Jenna celebrated her gorgeous baby’s 1st birthday this weekend and wanted to continue the party on the water. Since she loves us, she asked us to join her and her friends. And of course, we said YES!

PinitKaneohe Bay Sandbar Jenna driving

On The Way

Jenna made it all happen by renting a large pontoon from the marina on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. She drove it out to the sandbar, which took about 20 minutes. You can also kayak, paddle board, or take your own boat out there. Its worth getting there any way you can!

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar boats at MCBH
Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar everyone on boat
PinitKaneohe Bay Sandbar Max & Tiffany

Fun In The Sun

Once we arrived at the sandbar, we dropped anchor and enjoyed the beautiful views. As you can see, the day was overcast, but still worth the trip! Can you imagine what it looks like on a perfect Hawaii day!?

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar view of mountains with boats

The turquoise waters were refreshing, and there were things to do and see. One of the ladies went paddle boarding, one of the gents went swimming, and Casa Speed frolicked in the water and grazed on some snacks. There were even sea turtle sightings, although I didn’t catch any on camera.

PinitKaneohe Bay Sandbar in the water

Of course, that didn’t stop Max from trying to be a dolphin for the day!

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar maxim dolpin jump

Speed and Max got some father and son time in.

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar maxim and speed

Then we all relaxed on the boat for a while…

PinitKaneohe Bay sandbar Speed on boat

Before we said goodbye to the sandbar!

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar maxim 4

All in all, it was a wonderfully relaxing day with awesome people in a beautiful setting! One of the perks of living in O’ahu is that we get to do fun things like this. One day we will leave Hawaii, but until then, our goal is to enjoy what the islands have to offer as much as we can!

Pinitkaneohe bay sandbar maxim laughing 2

TIPS:  You’ll need to bring your own food, but don’t forget to bring plenty of water too! If you rent from MCBH (military only), it’s about $200 for a 12-person pontoon, which is the one we had. Let them know if you’re bringing any furry friends since that will determine what kind of pontoon you can have.

Have you gone to the sandbar? What’s your favorite thing about it? Tell me in the comments below!

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”

– Christy Ann Martine

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  • Evelien
    October 10, 2018

    Paradise ❤️

  • Speed
    October 10, 2018

    The perfect day! When we’re old & gray I’ll remember kissing you at the sandbar ❤️

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