Honi Beez: The Best Little Lip Balm You’ve Never Heard Of

What is Honi Beez?

Honi Beez is an up-and-coming Hawai’i beauty brand that specializes in all-natural lip balms and bath products. Luckily, the founder is also a friend, which means you’re getting the inside scoop! Read on to find out why you need to order Honi Beez right now!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and I’m not receiving any compensation. This is my friend and I want to promote her business because I believe in her and her products.

I remember when Courtney was just playing around with the ~idea~ of Honi Beez a couple of years ago. At the time, she was looking for an all-natural lip balm. One day, she tried a name brand option and it broke her out! Doesn’t that suck?!

After realizing she was allergic to the beeswax, Courtney set out to create her own product at home. It wasn’t that long ago that she was mixing ingredients in her spare time…and now she has a full-fledged local company that is consistently growing month by month.

Honi Beez logo

Who is the Honi Beez Founder?

First off, Courtney is a lot of fun! She’s feisty but easygoing, so we tend to have a blast whenever we’re together. Courtney is also into living healthy, and doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk too.

You know the friend that eats really well and does yoga every day, but also doesn’t hesitate to chow down at a great restaurant? That’s Courtney. She’s all about balance and living your best life.

She also believes that we need to take care of our earth. Her belief in using environmentally friendly products was one factor that led her to create Honi Beez.

Compostable packaging Honi Beez
Mermaid Honi Beez

Why is Honi Beez So Great?

Which leads me to her amazing company! Honi Beez offers regular, mini and custom all-natural lip balms, to include vegan options, as well as bath and body items. The minis are my favorite because you actually get to use them all up! The mini size also makes it really easy to switch out and try a lot of new flavors.

She has everything from traditional fruit flavors to hilariously creative holiday flavors, a la “Elf Poop” and “Frosty Kisses”. Cracks me up when she comes up with new ones.

Because Courtney uses therapeutic-grade essential oils in a lot of her formulas, as well as organic calendula and chamomile, her Honi Beez products feel delicious and highly moisturizing to the skin. I’m a skincare girl before anything else, and her products do not disappoint!

Honi Beez lip balms regular

What Sets Honi Beez Apart?

What really sets Honi Beez apart from other lip balm companies, besides the quality and the fun factor, is that some of the lip balms come with a very useful keychain holder. So genius! You won’t ever forget your lip balm again, or have to search desperately in the black hole of your purse.

The keychain holder is also great for when you’re doing outdoor activities, like hiking, sports or hanging out at the beach…you can just attach the hook to any bag or backpack you’re carrying with you. Smart, right?

soccer with keychain Honi Beez

“You won’t ever forget your lip balm again, or have to search desperately in the black hole of your purse.”

Even better, all Honi Beez products come in with a reusable, environmentally friendly bag too! There are so many uses for them, which you can showcase on Instagram by tagging the Honi Beez IG account.

Courtney loves engaging with her followers, and loves to see how customers are using her products. So if you end up becoming one of her customers, make sure to leave her a comment. You’ll always get a response.

Honi Beez bags

Honi Beez Gifts

I really believe in Honi Beez! I honestly think the lip balms, lip balm holders, and other bath & body products make perfect Holiday stocking stuffers or birthday gift sets! There are beeswax and vegan options, so there’s something for everyone.

The prices are really affordable too, so they won’t break the bank. The holidays are expensive – LIFE is expensive – so it’s really nice to have an option that’s the perfect combination between price and quality. They’re a great value!

christmas 2
christmas 3 Honi Beez
gift set honi beez

Courtney can also make custom products for special events like weddings, baby showers, corporate events, etc. She’s one busy mompreneur! Her IG is loaded with reviews and photos of custom projects for various types of clients.

So if you’re looking for something totally customizable and unique as a party favor or gift, she’s definitely someone you’ll want to talk to. You can email Courtney directly here, and you can find Honi Beez on Facebook too.

sunset ranch hawaii

Would you try these amazing lip balms?! Let me know your current favorite brand in the comments below!

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